The 15 Funniest Stand-Up Comedy Moments That Had Us in Stitches

The 15 Funniest Stand-Up Comedy Moments That Had Us in Stitches

Stand-up comedy is a true art form, and it takes a master to make an audience laugh until they cry. These 15 moments are the pinnacle of comedy genius, and they never fail to have us in stitches.

1. George Carlin's "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television"

In this iconic routine, George Carlin took on censorship in his inimitable style, earning him a spot in comedy history and a notable Supreme Court case.

2. Richard Pryor's "Wino Dealing with Dracula"

With his keen observations and storytelling prowess, Richard Pryor turned a seemingly simple encounter into a hilarious and memorable piece.

3. Eddie Murphy's "Ice Cream Man"

From his legendary stand-up film 'Delirious', Eddie Murphy's "Ice Cream Man" routine taps into the universal childhood joy of hearing the ice cream truck.

4. George Carlin's "Modern Man"

George Carlin's ingenious wordplay and sharp societal observations were never better displayed than in his "Modern Man" routine.

5. Dave Chappelle's "Chip"

In his hilarious bit about his white friend Chip, Dave Chappelle showcases his ability to mine humor from racial stereotypes.

6. George Carlin's "A Place for My Stuff"

George Carlin's comical insight into human behavior is perfectly encapsulated in his "A Place for My Stuff" routine.

7. John Mulaney's "The Salt and Pepper Diner"

Relatable and hilarious, John Mulaney's "The Salt and Pepper Diner" routine is storytelling at its finest.

8. George Carlin's "Time"

George Carlin had a unique perspective on everyday life. His routine on "Time" is both hilarious and thought-provoking.

9. Chris Rock's "Tossed Salad"

Chris Rock's "Tossed Salad" routine from his HBO special "Bring the Pain" has become one of his most memorable bits.

10. George Carlin's "Baseball and Football"

George Carlin's comparison of baseball and football is an example of his exceptional comedic insight into American culture.

11. Bill Burr's "No Reason to Hit a Woman"

Controversial and brutally honest, Bill Burr breaks down societal norms in his bit, which you can watch here.

12. Mitch Hedberg's "Club Sandwich"

The late Mitch Hedberg was known for his surreal humor and deadpan delivery. His "Club Sandwich" joke is a classic, which you can enjoy here.

13. George Carlin's "The Ten Commandments"

George Carlin was a master at skewering established institutions. His hilarious takedown of The Ten Commandments is a must-watch, available here.

14. Louis C.K.'s "Cell Phones and Flying"

Despite the controversies, there's no denying Louis C.K.'s impact on comedy. His routine on cell phones and the wonder of flying can be watched here.

15. Robin Williams's "Golf"

The late Robin Williams was an explosive force of nature on the stand-up stage. His hilarious and insightful take on golf is one of his best routines, which you can see here.